Surgical Suture

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Sutures are gathered in two main groups as absorbable sutures and non-absorbable sutures. Absorbable suture types are polyglactin PGLA, polyglactin rapid PGLA, polyglycolic acid PGA, polyglycolic acid rapid PGA and polydioxanone loop. Non-absorbable suture types are nylon, stainless steel, polypropylene, polyester and silk. Sutures are sterilized with ethylene oxide. Sutures are offered to end users in different needle sizes and color-coded depending on customer requirements. A portion of sutures are produced by S&Mohr Ameliyat İplikleri San. A.Ş., one of Meditera Group subsidiaries, located in Tire. Domestic sales and marketing of all suture types is carried out by Altera A.Ş., one of Meditera Group companies.