Breathing Systems

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Semi-finished connectors and hoses, designed by Altera engineers, are produced in 10,000 Class clean rooms by injection and extrusion machines in the Altera factory, located in Tire Organized Industrial Zone, and assembly of these semi-finished products produced and production of disposable devices, such as respiration circuits, connectors, filters and accessories, are carried out in 10,000 Class clean rooms and brought into final products. All circuit types can be produced in different configurations according to the needs of end users. Wide portfolios of products are made available for you with Altera's user-specific boutique production. The air flow path can be easily observed with the transparent connectors, made of medical class raw materials, and the successful design of circuit components eliminates connection errors and leakage risks in the circuit. The products bear CE mark and are produced according to the ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2007 quality regulations.