Oncology Drug Preparation

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Chemotherapy drugs (antineoplastic drugs), used for cancer treatment, have both toxic effects and therapeutic properties. These drugs should be prepared, administered and discarded under special conditions.

Treatment of cancer is carried out with chemotherapy protocols specified in continuously updated guidelines. These protocols, specified in the guidelines, may vary according to practices of each treatment center and patients' cancer stages. For this reason, drug preparation units and methods are very important in terms of ensuring patients to take drugs, prescribed by their physicians, in right doses and efficacy of patients' treatment processes (whether they receive drugs as per protocols, whether they regularly attend their treatments regularly and whether drugs are prepared properly, etc.).

Meditera offers automatic chemotherapy drug preparation systems and chemotherapy management software to the use of preparation units and clinics. While safe and accurate preparations are achieved with closed system preparation devices, all chemotherapy preparation and application processes can be kept under control and record through OnkoMedi chemotherapy management and control software.

For preparations made in central preparation units with the purpose of effective and safe administration of outpatient and inpatient treatments;

  • Preparations are carried out with automated devices and closed systems;
  • All processes are controlled and recorded by the software,
  • All controls and processes are carried out in order to ensure the principle of right drug, right dose, and right patient,
  • Drugs are saved whereby the central preparation,
  • Patient treatment activities, safety of health care providers are assured by the way of retrospective record control.