Group Companies

Meditera A.Ş.

Meditera A.Ş., a Meditera Group Company, is the leading company in Turkey in the field of oncology solutions and infusion systems. The Company provides hospitals and oncology centers cytotoxic oncology drugs preparation systems. The company installs fully equipped drug preparation centers. The general manager of Meditera A.S. is Pharm. Atilla Sevincli, the deputy general manager is Mr. Mert Sevincli, the sales director is Mr. Gurkan Basar and the medical director is Dr. Emrah Muftuler. Meditera A.S. headquarters sales and technical service team are located in Izmir-Karabaglar. Meditera has six regional sales offices accross Turkey.

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Disera A.Ş.

Disera A.S., founded in 1996, operates as the regional distributor of the diagnostic section of Abbott Ltd. Şti. Disera A.S. produces and sells vaccumed blood collection tubes, vaginal speculum, urine collection containers and medical waste containers in its factory located in Tire Organized Industrial Zone. The chairman of the board of directors of Disera A.Ş. is Pharm. Atilla Sevincli, the board members are Mr. Mert Sevincli and Mr. Kenan Deniz Buyukakman.

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Altera A.S. was founded in 1999 as Meditera Group's manufacturing company. Production of disposable breathing circuits and infusion sets under the Altech® brand is carried out in five separate clean rooms. All products produced have the CE mark and the entire production operation is carried out in accordance with ISO 13485:2003+AC:2007 quality management systems. Altera does “contract manufacturing” for the world renowned companies in the health care industry. Altera A.S. produces customer-specific products in numerous configurations with its unique boutique manufacturing structure. The general manager of Altera A.S. is Atilla Sevincli, the deputy general manager is Mert Sevincli, the export director is Vera V. Alaluf Alpugan, the country sales director is Tugrul Erlik, the factory director is Carlos Pou. Altera A.S.'s facilities are located in the Izmir-Tire Organized Industrial Zone.

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